How to deal blackjack — useful tips for a croupier and a player

How to deal blackjack following BJ rules

Blackjack is the fastest card game with the simplest rules — it is easy to remember how to deal blackjack, especially if the person plays online. In this case, a machine plays the role of a croupier, and everything is done automatically. Newbies, who pick free BJ version at the internet casino and watch the gaming process, learn how to deal blackjack cards very fast. This experience brings them professional skills, which will be used in a real-money game in a land or online casino.

How to deal blackjack

How to deal blackjack — croupier functions

This game can be played at home with friends, at an internet casino, or in a real gambling house. The first 2 choices foresee a free game for fun; while the last one supposes real money usage. Traditionally, chips replace the money at a table, thus if a person is eager to learn how to deal blackjack, he must remember about this moment as well. As soon as when chips are used, a player can feel relaxed (he can forget about money, relax and lose), it is always good to concentrate on the game.

The game starts when croupier gives each player 2 cards. His aim is to beat a player, while the player needs to win a croupier. The win can happen in 2 ways — when one of the sides gets more points than the other one (21 called “blackjack” or close to it), or when it busts — gets 21+ points.

A newbie learning how to deal cards in blackjack should be aware about the fact that only a blackjack dealer gives cards to each player. Although a gamer can try to count cards (especially when a fewer number of decks are used and the participants’ number is under 3), it is a difficult task. Only professionals and players good in mathematic succeed min a card counting.

Tips for a beginning blackjack dealer

People, who have the intention to know everything of how to deal for blackjack, are recommended to watch real-money live games. Some respected casinos let their users do it. Besides, practice is needed. A free play is not a waste of time here: each win and/or loss is a great plus, which adds a gamer experience.

Finally, he must know that there are different types of blackjack. The classic one is the most common form of this card game in traditional casinos. Vegas Strip Blackjack is usually met online. European blackjack is the best variant for players as only two decks of cards are used and the chance of winning is extra high. Atlantic BJ is played with 8 decks of cards and differs from the usual variant as the dealer, among other things, gets to look at his face-down card before the round begins.

In addition, guys learning how to deal in blackjack will be interested to learn that there are lots of unique variants such as Pontoon, Super fun 21, Progressive Blackjack with a jackpot, etc.