Why We Care

Heather Higgins

On September 11, 2001, I stood three blocks from the World Trade Center and saw people, unable to bear the inferno above, desperately grabbing at the air as they plummeted to the ground. I helped bandage a woman, standing where I, my husband, and our three-year-old son had been standing minutes before, injured by debris from the second explosion.

I came home to see the news that a good friend had been on the hijacked plane that had been crashed into the Pentagon, and to learn that the terrorists had deliberately hijacked other planes full of people, as their goal was to kill as many Americans as they could.

In the aftermath of 9/11, I remember being relieved that we had George Bush as president, with his administration of strong leaders, people who understood the threat of radical Islam and how overridingly serious it was, people who were determined to protect this country and all it represents.

We need that leadership now more than ever. We need a president who understands how long and difficult the work is, who will not be shortsighted, driven by momentary polls, and inclined to cut and run. Our self-proclaimed enemy doesn't think in terms of years, but in terms of decades and even centuries; we need leadership that will not falter in that long fight. That's the only way that we and other nations will have confidence in our government, and the only way we will be protected and secure.

With that confidence, we will be able to go forward with hope and optimism, knowing that we are building a safer world for our children, a world in which they will have a deepened appreciation for our freedom and the ability to choose how they want to live. That way America will continue to be what it's always been: a beacon of liberty, of conscience, of determination, and of hope.

So I have two words, above all others, for why I care so much about electing the strong leadership of George W. Bush this election: my children.

Softer Voices is a conservative issue advocacy organization representing citizens concerned with national security, the economy, policies affecting families and society, and maintaining a free and democratic society.

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