Why We Care

Midge Decter

I have seen the United States in hard times: World War II witnessed the slaughter of some 300,000 American troops and the wounding of just about as many. Though a number of Americans believed the country should remain safe on its own soil, in the end everybody knew it was vitally important to defeat the forces of evil, both East and West.

Then came the threat from the Soviet Union, on which the U.S. spent years and bounteous treasures -- and again, untold numbers of lives in two bloody wars, in Korea and Vietnam -- in the effort both to free its peoples and to eliminate its threat. Now there is a new threat, terrorism, and this one has made its presence felt unforgettably on our own shores.

I have eleven grandchildren who will be spending their adult lives with terror lurking around the corner unless George Bush is permitted to follow through on his determination to beat the terrorists back with the combined tools of freedom and the possibility of a decent life for the peoples of the Middle East.

Then they will be able to grow old, as I am doing, with deep gratitude for this country and the men who have known and continue to know how to keep it safe and, like George Bush, are willing to do so.

Softer Voices is a conservative issue advocacy organization representing citizens concerned with national security, the economy, policies affecting families and society, and maintaining a free and democratic society.

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