DATE: August 30, 2006
CLIENT: Softer Voices
PRODUCER: Alfano-Leonardo
TITLE: "Family"



Male VO:

Welfare reform has moved millions of people from welfare to work.

However, Bob Casey opposed these important and successful reforms.

Senator Rick Santorum not only helped author and pass the historic welfare to work legislation - he even went one step further.

Bylly Jo

I was really hopeless basically.

When I found out about the opportunity that Senator Santorum was offering. I went for it.

Who would think a Senator was looking to hire someone in my situation.

I loved working in the office.

And actually, they got me started getting into college.

I have 3 degrees, I just got my masters degree last year and I have been working as a teacher for the last 6 years.

Senator Santorum and his staff cared about me. He helped provide for my family and he got me where I am. And that is a successful educated teacher.

Female Voice Over: Softer Voices is responsible for the content of this advertising.

GFX: Welfare Reform Reduced Caseloads by Nearly 60%

Pic of Casey:

GFX: Casey Opposed Welfare Reform

Pic of Santorum

GFX: Senator Rick Santorum

GFX: Helped Pass Welfare Reform

GFX: Started Welfare to Work Program

Bylly Jo talking to camera

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