About Softer Voices

Softer Voices ("SV") is a conservative issue advocacy organization comprising a diverse coalition of concerned citizens who wish to promote public policies that maintain and improve the lives of every American. SV is particularly concerned with national security issues, as well as issues which affect our economy and free markets, the success and viability of our nation's families, and the culture necessary for a free and democratic society.

The goals of the SV media campaign are: to be an effective voice to speak to women on issues of national concern; and to support policies that enhance America's security and liberty.

Softer Voices is a 527 political committee. It will purchase advertisements and maintain a web site designed to enhance the knowledge of the general public on issues of importance to the organization. SV will also pursue its goals through a combination of earned media outreach, local press conferences, and op-eds.

Contributions to Softer Voices are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

Softer Voices Board Members

  • Midge Decter
  • Heather Higgins
  • Nina Rosenwald
  • Lisa Schiffren

Softer Voices Advisory Board

  • Giovanna Cugnasca
  • Judy Kudlow
  • Adele Malpass


Softer Voices is a conservative issue advocacy organization representing citizens concerned with national security, the economy, policies affecting families and society, and maintaining a free and democratic society.

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JOSH GERSTEIN, Oct 2, 2006
Political Group Shells Out $1M To Boost Santorum's Popularity With Women

Softer Voices is running television ads emphasizing Mr. Santorum's role as an early advocate for and author of welfare-towork legislation....
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KATHLEEN PARKER, Sept 29, 2006
The Beatitudes of Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum can't seem to win for losing, no matter what he does...
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ROBERT B. BLUEY, Sept 20, 2006
PA-Sen: TV Ad Praises Rick Santorum's Leadership on Welfare Reform

A group calling itself Softer Voices launched a new TV ad campaign in Pennsylvania today on behalf of Sen. Rick Santorum...
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Momma’s Boy

What Santorum did - and Casey wouldn’t have - for one young Pennsylvania mother...
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SUZANNE FIELDS, Oct 25, 2004
Talking Softly, With a Big Schtick

Two savvy conservative women have established an organization to run television commercials to tap into this natural conservative feminine spirit...
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LUIZA SAVAGE, Oct 21, 2004
'Softer Voices' Aims Commercials At Women Voters

Two New York women are behind a unique political ad aimed at convincing mothers that only President Bush can keep their children safe...
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